We are...

Spreading Lax (lacrosse) Solidarity
Teaching, sharing, and exploring is in our DNA. We aim to share the game the right way and be good ambassadors by bringing our lacrosse culture to people who'd welcome us. 

As our headquarters being based in Barcelona, Spain, we are a non-profit organization with commitment to lacrosse with a global-lense– not be bound by the city we are in, we have sights in the exploring far distant corners of the world. All net proceeds from sales from the shop will go towards in growing the game and helping players participate. A single T-shirt sold would lead to an extra lacrosse ball, a couple of garments sold would lead to an extra stick for new players, and so on. It is our hope that enough sales may even lead to subsidizing players to take part in tournaments.  

Our players consist from diverse backgrounds & nationalities– we have been able to build relationships with clubs from all over the globe  including Bulgaria in Eastern Europe to all the way to Israel where the game is growing as well in the middle east. To learn more about the club please visit us in our website: www.barcelonalacrosse.com